Tactical 12 Scope Cover

Air Armor Tech, LLC is very pleased with the production of the Extreme 15 Mounted Scope (MS) Inflatable Protective Device (IPD) (inflatable scope cover) by its USA manufacturers. As the Extreme 15 MS IPD is approaching final production, the initial production of the Tactical 12 MS IPD and inflatable Carbine Gun Case has begun. The Tactical 11 MS IPD is designed for AR, or similar, rifle platforms with optics up to 11″ in overall length. The same patent pending features and characteristics, Made in America craftsmanship, MilSpec and Berry Amendment compliant material and components, carry handle, and weapon system flotation found in the Extreme 15, are also found in the Tactical 12. The difference in the Tactical 11 compared to the Extreme 15 is a slightly lower profile, 2.5″ of air bladder, completely surrounding the covered optic(s). With 2.5″ of 5psi air bladder completely surrounding the encased optic(s), blunt force trauma to your optic(s) is all but eliminated with this air filled, collapsible IPD. With carry handle, highly water resistant, durable 1000 denier material, and weapon system flotation, taking your weapon’s optics into perilous environments is worry free. Tactical 12 MS IPD public availability is anticipated in January 2015. The Air Armor Tech Carbine Case availability is anticipated in February 2015.

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