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Air Armor Tech founder, Blaine Tompkins, is a fighter pilot. During his service, Blaine was among the first Air Force flyers asked to test the next generation of helmets (for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter) that now contain much of the electronic technology required by a modern military.

F35s cannot be flown without properly functioning helmets, each of which is customized to the pilot and costs upward of $500,000. So protecting them and their usability are essential. Cases originally designed to protect these helmets were cumbersome and didn’t fit into the cramped quarters of the fighter jet cockpit. Blaine recognized the problem and set out to find a solution.

Blaine’s concept was to develop a protective case that would inflate to protect and deflate to store. The inflatable case he designed uses air to offer full 360-degree protection. It conforms to the helmet, is lightweight and deflates to allow for extraordinarily compact storage. It is, by all accounts and warrior testing, the perfect solution.

The Air Armor Tech aviation helmet case will protect these helmets:

Scorpion | F35HMD | JHMCS | AHVIS/HUD | IHADSS | Jedeye