What methods can I use to inflate the product and do I need any special tools?

There are essentially three methods you can use to inflate your product:

  1. Oral inflation with lung pressure via the oral inflation valve
  2. Inflation via the black rubber ball valve by using a bike tire pump, ball pump or similar pump with an inflation needle
  3. Inflation using an air compressor via oral inflation valve (with an air blow gun) or the black rubber ball valve (with an inflation needle)  depending on your compressor attachments

While no special tools are required, you may find it easier to inflate the products by utilizing the alternate air source mentioned above. Use caution when utilizing these alternate inflation sources as high flow rates could exceed the capacities of the pressure relief valve, causing damage to the bladder.

If using an air compressor, the most important thing is to regulate the outlet pressure. We have found that 45 psi or less at the outlet is safe for inflation. Anything higher will run the risk of damaging the bladder. It may be beneficial to monitor the air pressure as you are inflating your product to make sure you are not exceeding it’s safety threshold. 1-1.5 psi provides adequate protection for most situations and 3 psi is more than enough for any application. The pressure relief valve will activate at approximately 5.4 psi on the gun cases and 4.3 psi on the scope covers. Click on the thumbnails below to watch videos detailing the various inflation methods.

Scope Cover Oral Inflation
Gun Case Oral Inflation
Gun Case Mechanical Inflation