My inflatable device will not inflate and hold air; what is wrong with it?

If you are trying to inflate a gun case, ensure the deflation cap is tightened and secured; double check to make sure the cap is seated properly in the threads and is not cross-threaded. Additionally, make sure the oral inflation valve extends to the locked position after inflation is complete for any product. If the valve is stuck in the down position, you may simply bump or twist the rubber oral valve to seat it.

If you’re bladder still doesn’t hold air, you may have a small leak. Remove the bladder from the case, per your device’s Owner’s Manual, and try to identify a leak or tear in your bladder. You should be able to hear a subtle hissing sound coming from the source of the leak. Once the leak is identified, use one or both of the Tear-Aid repair patches provided to you to repair the leak as outlined in your device’s Owner’s Manual.

If you cannot find a leak or if the repair does not work, please proceed to contact us for further guidance/replacement.